Traveling is a favorite activity for many people. Additionally, it is more and more popular. So, the demand of customers for this activity raises. You will have to have appropriate plugins to satisfy the whole demands of clients such as creating package tours, generating room reservations, booking flight tickets, and many other things. Therefore, I will help you choose some useful WordPress travel booking plugins in this article.

Understanding traveler behavior through online travel booking trends

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1. WP Travel Engine

This kind of WordPress travel booking plugins is free totally. Plus, it allows you to create a travel booking website fast and easily. Moreover, you can insert many features for your websites like user history, partial payment, group discount, and many other things. Besides, you can build a lot of package tours for tour operators or travel agencies.


  • Great plugin
  • Useful plugin
  • Responsive and fast support

Supplied features

  • Payment processing
  • Smart travel booking process
  • Booking email notification
  • Inquiry form
  • Trip type page
  • Activities page
  • Booking details
  • Translation ready
  • Unlimited travel packages


2. WP Travel

WP Travel is a kind of strong but free WordPress travel booking plugins. Plus, it allows you to create trekking packages and tours as well according to customers’ demands. Besides, it satisfies the whole demands of travel sites such as setting schedules, taking bookings, receiving payments, etc. Moreover, this plugin integrates totally with the best WordPress travel booking themes.


  • Good function
  • Beautiful travel plugin
  • Outstanding plugin

Supplied features

  • Painless booking system
  • Tour extras
  • Unlimited tour packages
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Trips include and exclude
  • Trip details & outlines
  • Trip locations
  • Set fix departures
  • Trip types
  • Multiple pricing and Multiple dates
  • Payment system
  • User dashboard
  • Tax options

How to install WP Travel from WordPress backend:

3. WP Booking

This is a kind of wonderful WordPress travel booking plugins allowing you to build a great booking system. Also, you can be easy to create a booking and reservation site including accommodation, tour, transportation, and so on just by using a complete system. In addition, It is translated into many languages allowing your visitors from any country to understand its function clearly, too.


  • A free and good system
  • Perfect solution
  • Straight forward and flexible

Supplied features

  • Booking information management for a site owner
  • Booking history for users
  • Advanced search & filter widget
  • Email notifications with customizable template
  • Responsive and SEO-friendly
  • Booking form with calendar
  • Localization for your language
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Perfect fit with every WordPress theme

4. Travelpayouts: Flights & Hotels Travel Search

This is a type of WordPress travel booking plugins including many travel services such as car rental, hotels, flights, insurance, and so on. Additionally, it is great for websites related to travel, travel agencies as well as travel bloggers. Moreover, your visitors can create their own holidays in real-time by using this kind of WordPress travel booking plugins. Furthermore, it includes 2 customizable tables for hotels and 11 different customizable tables.


  • Amazing
  • Useful tool
  • Great plugin

Supplied features

  • 2 customizable tables for hotels
  • 11 different customizable tables
  • Hotel widget
  • Low-cost flights and hotels Map
  • Search Forms
  • Low price calendar
  • Popular flight destination widget


5. Yatra

You will be likely to create many impressive tour packages with tour categories and unlimited travel by using Yatra. Plus, this type of WordPress travel booking plugins is fast, effective, and flexible. Also, it is appropriate to the ones finding a travel booking system and running a tour and travel related to business as well. Additionally, it is compatible totally with almost the travel agency WordPress theme.


  • Using easily
  • Practical
  • Totally satisfied

Supplied features

  • Translation ready
  • Easy & smart booking process
  • Smart tags for the email message
  • Email notification
  • Separated customer section
  • My account section
  • Paypal payment gateway
  • Unlimited travel & tour package

6. Oganro

This type of WordPress travel booking plugins includes many dynamic holiday package booking options. In other words, it is very useful. Moreover, it includes many services like taxis, flights, hotels, cruise and a lot of other things. Furthermore, you can be easy to create a booking report and a revenue report as well through a dedicated admin portal.

Supplied features

  • Customizable search widget
  • Fully responsive dynamic pages
  • Transfers/car hire suppliers
  • Multi-currency & Multilingual ready
  • Turnover reports and booking reports
  • Flights XML/Flight providers
  • Low-cost carriers
  • Custom report modules
  • XML/API suppliers/ Consolidators for hotels

7. Opal Hotel Room Booking

Surely, Opal Hotel Room Booking is a perfect option for hospitality websites, for instance, 5 stars hotels, villas, apartments, resorts, and a lot of other things. Additionally, it is compatible totally with your website’s booking system. Plus, your customers can book rooms with it only by filling essential personal information according to step-by-step instructions.


  • Highly configurable
  • Strong
  • Top-class support

Supplied features

  • Template overriding
  • Cart and quick checkout
  • Tax supports
  • Search engine optimized
  • Set up & update
  • Multiple payment method
  • Booking management
  • Room management
  • Multi-languages
  • Multiple currencies
  • Powerful plugin to match with your design
  • Easy for developer to design and customize

8. WP Travel Blocks

This kind of WordPress travel booking plugins provides the option of showing your trips or tour packages according to the way you want. Furthermore, it is compatible with the WP Travel plugin. Besides, it is free. Moreover, you can also insert a trip filter in the pages or posts of your travel website to improve customers’ experiences.

Supplied features

  • WP itinerary addons
  • Showcase featured trips
  • Put tp search forms
  • Showcase sales offer
  • Insert trip filter
  • WP travel map addons
  • Dedicate support and documentation


I hope that you will find this article useful! Just remember sharing it with your friends if you find that. Additionally, I believe that you will choose for your site the most appropriate travel booking plugins after reading what I have written. Furthermore, to improve your WordPress page performance, you can refer to WordPress themes from Cmsmart. Plus, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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