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Currently, when you want to book a travel, you just go to Google and search for websites that provide this service. However, you check the phrase: travel booking website on Google, you will receive about 134,000,000 results in 0.50 seconds. This proves there are countless companies in this field of service. And you must know the reputable sites and their characteristics to choose for themselves a suitable service.

A service that’s right for you depends on where you want to go; characteristics of the trip: time, number of people, needs; and your budget. You can hardly choose a cheap trip in a premium service site, that’s true. But you absolutely can search for reputable sites with a much cheaper service.

So in today’s topic, not just one, I will introduce you to 5 travel booking websites online, with different characteristics. Let’s find out!

Any Travel booking website from the Top.5 below would serve you well somehow:

  1. Roadtrippers – planning your travel all the ways
  2. Roomer – selling & buying discounted hotels rooms
  3. Skyscanner – choosing where to go
  4. Rome2rio – booming your travel
  5. Hotwire – booking a mystery hotel

1. Roadtrippers – A travel booking website planning your travel all the ways

It baffles me that some (many) Americans don’t know about this travel booking website. If you’re an offender, it’s okay. I forgive you. Now you are on a road trip planning heaven – your life will never be the same again. In a nutshell: Roadtrippers is the ultimate resource for road tripping around the USA. It will pinpoint all of the attractions, all of the hotels, all of the weird kooky stuff and everything in between, and save it for you as a map. Awesome.Roadtrippers

Users said that:
“This app is beautiful. It isn’t enough that it helps you find amazing places—you can also plan a trip to all of them. I see many more weekend trips in my future!”
“Seriously I recommend it to everyone, I love it!”
“I’m planning a 60 day road trip and this app makes it so much fun and far less work!! I couldn’t imagine trying to plan a trip without it now.”

And yes, it is, Roadtrippers – a travel booking website makes your planning easier than ever. When you plan your next road trip with Roadtrippers. Entering where you want to start and finish your road trip is all you need to discover the coolest “off the beaten path” places along the way. Its database includes millions of the world’s most fascinating places, making planning the unexpected easier than you thought.

You can feel like you got a local guide to get an authentic experience on your trip, cause Roadtrippers helps you escape the tourist bubble and find the coolest stops.

2. Roomer – selling & buying discounted hotels rooms Roomer - A travel booking website you should know


Roomer is the marketplace for people with non-refundable hotel reservations! This is the concept behind People book non-refundable hotel rooms but then things come up and they can’t use the hotel room. By Roomer, they can sell the hotel room and a part of the lost money back. And other travelers can buy this hotel room on Roomer.

Therefore, it’s a win-win for both parties, the seller gets some money (not the whole amount but still…) for a room he couldn’t use anyway and the buyer gets the hotel room cheaper than the normal room rate. And sometime there is no similar room left like that, so it’s gonna be a good chance for the buyer when all rooms were booked.
Great concept – from experience we can say you get the best deals in cities. When you book a hotel room on Roomer, you’re not only getting the best price, but you also help someone out. Business traveler also can sell their hotel rooms, so be sure to compare. So convenient that, the desktop version of Roomers lets you compare with another travel booking website.

3. Skyscanner – A travel booking website choosing where to goSkyscanner

I wonder if you have known Skyscanner yet. In Australia and Europe, it’s a staple go-to-website for booking flights, but somehow, Americans haven’t yet caught on to the flight comparing search engine like this one.

In a nutshell: Skyscanner compares flights and shows you the cheapest option. But my favorite feature is the ‘everywhere’ button. Say for instance I want to go on a trip from Sydney, Australia, but I’m not sure where to. I simply select “everywhere” and the magic elves behind the screen will tell me my options from cheapest – most expensive. Great for the spontaneous travelers.
Dedicated to making travel as simple as possible, they will help each and every one find the best options across flights, hotels, and car rentals to book the perfect trip.

4. Rome2rio – A travel booking website estimating your journey


R2R is the bomb website. Well, not really… it’s But if there could be just one website to top the list of helpful travel resources, this travel booking website would be it, I think. You type the destination that you want to travel from and the destination to travel to. R2R robots will work some magic behind the scenes and BOOM, they’ll even calculate an estimate on how much the flight will cost or how much petrol will be used. To clarify, Rome2rio makes travel planning easy.

They are a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Therefore, just need to enter any address, landmark, or city as your destination and they will instantly display all your travel and booking options, along with information about accommodation and things to do, in one convenient spot.
Above all, whether you’re after flight, train, bus, ferry, rideshare or rental car info, they’ve got estimated prices, journey duration and booking details from over 5000 companies in more than 160 countries. All of that is making them one of the top online travel resources used globally.

5. Hotwire – booking a mystery hotel

Hotwire is the oldest travel booking website you may know. The catch here is you don’t know in which hotel you’re reserving a room, and in most cases, it’s non-refundable. Here is how the concept works – hotels have high fixed costs that they need to cover.
The fact that a big hotel is never fully booked. Therefore, they always have empty rooms. The management would like to sell rooms to cover the costs then have empty rooms, especially if they are still able to sell other rooms from which they make a profit. However they don’t want to sell the “fix costs rooms” publicly.Hotwire - A travel booking website you should know

But you don’t just buy any hotel, there are still some factors to choose from: the location of the hotel (part of town), amenities that the hotel should have and star rating. Of course you can also read the reviews for this hotel even from Hotwire or see the overall rating from TripAdvisor.
Yes, you might feel uneasy buying a mystery hotel – but if you get a room rate that’s up to 70% cheaper you should take the risk. Just like Roomer, this concepts works of online
travel booking website best in cities and we found out you get the best discount with upscale hotels (4-5 stars).

After all:

These 5 travel websites above got all that a travel booking website needs. I hope you will learn and choose the advantages and utilities that websites bring. Indeed, these are the passionate services of its makers, serving all the needs you need when traveling. I think one of them will definitely be an option for you when making travel decisions. Websites will help you in a variety of ways: when you want to travel cheap; when you have not chosen the perfect destination for your vacation; Or you simply haven’t chosen the right schedule for the time that seems short.
Wish you will always enjoy your travel with the utilities that travel booking websites bring.

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Best regards!