WP Travel Engine plugin is a complete travel management system and consists of many helpful features. It is a free WordPress travel booking plugin to generate tour and travel packages for travel agencies and tour operators. With this plugin, you can generate your travel booking site within under 5 minutes.

You can change your WordPress website into a complete travel booking website with WP Travel Engine plugin. It helps you manage all your old and new clients, too. You can manage the whole enquires, bookings, and clients right from your WordPress panel. Additionally, you can see the number of bookings made by a particular customer. You can also determine your own payment method.

Advantages and main features

Smart travel booking process

The price is automatically adjusted relied on the number of people chosen for booking. The online booking process is fast, smooth, and intelligent. The booking form just consists of the essential fields. This leads to the result that booking is quicker and revenues increase.


Unlimited travel packages

You can add a journey gallery, journey, regular price, description, duration, sales price, FAQs, unlimited trip facts as well as the expense excluded and included. There are not any limits on the trip quantity. Additionally, it comprises an itinerary builder. Therefore, you can comprise a day-to-day itinerary.

Enquiry form

You can receive more sales enquiries. Travelers can find the form, fill it out and contact you because WP Travel Engine plugin includes an enquiry form on the trip page.

Payment processing

Your clients can book online. Moreover, with your Paypal account, you can be easy to get paid. The reason is that this plugin attaches Paypal Standard payment processing.

Booking detail

No matter when you need any booking information or details, you only need some clicks. Your site saves the whole booking information with the whole details of the travelers.

Booking email notification

You can customize the message that your client gets when booking a trip. Besides, you will get an email notification with all the booking details whenever a traveler books a journey on your website.


Unlimited trip facts

You can generate unlimited trips “Facts”, for instance, meals, group size, the best time to visit, accommodation, and many other things. After that, just add the journey facts to various trips.

Create more tabs

On each page, there are four tabs already. You can be easy to create more than four tabs on a trip page. Plus, you can even change their order!

Activities page

You can create various activities page, for example, sightseeing tours, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and a lot of other things. Next, you can connect diverse journeys to those activities. Hence, a customer can see both the diverse activities you provide and all the journey consisting of that activity when he or she accesses your website.

Destination page

You can easily generate destination pages such as the USA, London, or Japan. As a result, every time a traveler accesses a specific destination page, he or she can view the whole trips belonging to that destination.


You can select the currency you desire to sell your trip package.

Trip type page

You can even categorize your journeys according to their kinds utilizing WP Travel Engine plugin. You can generate different trip types. Then, you can connect them with your journeys.

Translation ready

You should be comfortable translating your site in any language as WP Travel Engine plugin is fully translation ready.


  • You can add more features to your travel booking site with the add-on plugins. Several of outstanding extensions consist of:
  • Trip fixed starting dates countdown enables travel agencies to add a fixed starting dates countdown to the wanted trips.
  • Trip fixed starting dates enables travel agencies to add trip fixed starting dates and the number of spaces available for booking.
  • Group discount permits travel agencies to supply kid and adult group discounts to clients and raise group revenues.
  • Trip weather forecast permits travel agencies to add a weather forecast widget to the wanted journeys.
  • Trip Search allows clients to search journeys relied on activities, destination, budget, and duration. Clients can research based on date as well if trip starting dates are added with Trip fixed departure dates extension.
  • Partial payment allows travel agencies to collect upfront or advance payment.
  • User history supplies desired insights on how customers are visiting your site.
  • Trip reviews allow customers to review for travel packages.
  • Trips Embedder enables you to embed or add chosen trips fast in between your site pages content area and blog articles, right from the WordPress WYSIWYG content editor.
  • Extra services make it easier for the tour operators to add services such as hotel drop-off, airport pick-up, vehicle rental, or any other services you want to the trips.
  • Form editor enables you to customize the forms in the WP Travel Engine plugin core plugin.
  • Each day, an advanced itinerary builder lets you add descriptive and informative details in the Itinerary part of a specific journey.
  • Itinerary downloader generates a fast accessible offline trip detail brochure file.
  • File downloads help you add downloadable files to the journey individual post.

Theme compatibility

This plugin will work with any themes. However, it may require some styling to make it match. You can modify it easily since it provides a clean and simple design.


You should read here if you want to learn more about WP Travel Engine plugin and watch this video if you want to make travel and tour site with traveler theme and WordPress:

By using the WP Travel Engine, you can manage and arrange trips you offer based on activities, destinations, and trip types. Furthermore, you can permit clients to inquire and book the journeys and add journeys with a detailed itinerary on your site. Don’t hesitate to comment if you need any helps from me! To read posts about travel booking, just follow my blog. Thanks for reading!

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