If you are looking for the top free WordPress travel plugins for a travel blog, then you have come to the right place. After learning how to start a travel blog and selecting a travel blog name, you will desire to make it your own and customize it.

These plugins will help not only function but also appearance of your site. For the ones who do not own any growth background or site design, WordPress travel plugins are the tip to do this. Installing free WordPress travel plugins on your blog is like decorating it with free ornaments and pictures pre-made by experts.

Installing WordPress plugin is a part of the process of earning money from writing blogs 

I will list the best free WordPress travel plugins for your travel blogs in this post. Just consider your new blog as an empty house without decoration or art and make it unique! These plugins are suitable for your design, work well and implement easily. Nevertheless, like a house, you can make a mess fast for your blog with too multiple plugins. Therefore, you should be careful and ensure that you will just download, keep them to a minimum and only keep the ones you really need.

Several of the following free WordPress travel plugins are particular to only travel blogs. Yet, almost them are significant for any new blogs. Hence, they can help you develop your blog more effectively and quickly even if you are a mommy blogger or a food blogger. In other words, every single travel blog needs them.

Yoast SEO

Goats On The Road gets more than 75% of its traffic from direct organic Google searches at the time of writing. This expresses the importance of keeping SEO and search engines on your mind while generating a new website.

Ensuring that your website owns a solid SEO foundation is one of the most significant elements of developing any new blogs. This will help your site rank in search results like Google and as a result, drive traffic to your site.


If you have this plugin, after you have written an article, you can scroll to the page bottom and check the SEO health before publishing. Yoast SEO plugin enables you to optimize bothe your on-page SEO directly from the Edit Post screen in WordPress and your readability as well as site map of your blog. Moreover, it is free.

This plugin will enable you to check readability, count your keywords, check for optimal length, enable you to edit your metadata, and a lot of other things. It supplies you a lot of ways on how to add to the post to improve SEO ability. Besides, with a convenient green, yellow, or red light, it tells you how good your SEO is. Conclusively, you should run your WordPress blog with this free and convenient plugin.

HTML5 Maps

One of the wonderful ways for travel bloggers to express the locations they write content about and nations they have travelled are interactive maps. They onw clickable nations or areas to bring people to particular categories on your website.

However, they may not be worthy to have HTML5 Maps on your travel blog if you recognize that they are loading slowly. The reason is that they can load slowly depending on your hosting plan and caching system.

Free WordPress HTML5 Maps plugin: 

WordPress Editorial Calendar

It is super essential that you publish articles on a strict schedule on your blod as lots of users desire to know accurately the time they can expect new content, just like your favorite TV episode or a magazine. Plus, Google rewards websites for being predictable since they know that users want to get their content on a predictable time frame.

This plugin shows an drag and drop and easy-to-use calendar. The whole of your draft articles are on the right side of the screen and you can simply drag-and-drop the titles onto the day in the calendar you want to publish. It is ideal for organizing your posting schedule and seeing what is next.

Furthermore, WordPress Editorial Calendar will make sure that you are giving your readers their content when they expect it and help you organize your posts. You can set the publishing time and schedule it right from the plugin!

SEO Smart Links

By simply selecting which words to auto-link, SEO Smart Links permits you to automatically add external and internal links to your blog. For instance, you just wrote an exciting post about budget travel and you want to drive traffic to it. With this plugin, you can be easy to set it so that any time the phrases “budget travel” is on any posts, pages, or categories on your site, it will automatically link to your budget travel instruction.

There are not multiple people know about it. I feel lucky when finding this exciting plugin. You can go in and add the keyword for every area, city, continent and country on your blog and auto-link them to suitable pages or articles. Thus, I like SEO Smart Links very much when creating travel blogs.

Additionally, it permits you to auto-link the whole of your categories utilizing the slug as a keyword, which is ideal for travel blogs because almost have country and continent names as their categories. You can also link outward utilizing the same tactic. If you have a wonderful affiliate for, you can establish this plugin to automatically link the words or any time you type “book a hotel, room”, it can link to your affiliate as well. Surely, SEO Smart Links is one of my favorite free WordPress travel plugins because it is really wonderful.


WP Hide Post

You may simply write an article for the SEO target but it is not something all readers need to read. This is a free and good WordPress plugin for travel bloggers as you may generate lots of content that does not need to be read by the whole of your readers.

I am sure that there are multiple WordPress travel plugins that I have not comprised in the list above since there are new ones added to the WordPress directory daily. Which plugins do you find the most helpful? Just tell me why they are super indispensable and share in the comment section below!

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