How to build a travel website

In my earlier post, I have introduced Top 10 free travel website templatestoday I will show you Why needs to build a travel website?”

In recent years, all human activities have gradually been integrated on digital platforms. This is thanks to the strong development of science and technology, and affects so many areas of life, then tourism is no exception.
In fact, travel online sales have soared twice from US $ 470 billion in 2014 to US $ 755 billion after 5 years in 2019. As a result, this represents a strong growth of online travel booking way, replacing the traditional way.

As a travel business, you can not stand outside with others, every travel business need to build a travel website strong enough to participate and compete with other competitors.
If you search google: “build a travel website”, you’re gonna get a number of 2,090 millions results. Other while, with the search of “travel website”, it got the amount of 2,400 searches.
All that means to build a travel website is a important need for a travel company to viral their product.
And by this article today, we’re gonna show you how.

A travel website can be understood basically as an e-commerce website where customers can book their tickets and find the most suitable travel plans. Meanwhile, your website can also collect service from different hotels, restaurants,… to offer to the customers.
This business model is cost-effective to construct an on online booking system that includes a wide range of travel packages with different discounts to enhance the sale volume.

You’re about building your travel website?
This article is about showing you how.

There are 6 main steps to build your best and suitable website:

  1. Launch your website
  2. Get your domain name
  3. Self-hosting your website
  4. Choose a most powerful theme for travel website
  5. Add essential feature by installing plugins in need
  6. Supply your customer booking and paying method

1. Launch your website

First, you need to decide on which platform to create your best travel website.
You will probably want your site to be self-hosted on because it will give you a lot of freedom and flexibility to customize, make money and have full control over your site.

Just like if you use other free blog platforms, you can save some money for the early progress of your project. However, they will not be able to support you with all the features of a custom website.
Some platforms will help you create websites without buying domain or code yourself such as WordPress, Joomla !, Drupal, Typo3, Serendipity, Dotclear,…

2. Get your domain name

It’s really a necessary step of basically building your website. Never forget to choose a most powerful domain that works effectively.
It should be from your company’s name. By the way, if you haven’t decided yet, just get one with these tips:

How to build a travel websiteA Short and Memorable Name

A long and difficult name is just to make it hard to stick in people mind. Other way, it’s gonna make them give up on choosing you, then find another service instead.

A Name with Few Hyphens and Numbers

It’s gonna get some trouble using hyphens that people can’t write exactly your domain. The same thing with numbers which users can’t remember how you add the number can appear. So just add as few hyphens and numbers as you can to made it easier.

A Specific One

Specific the name with your providing product. Unless you are a well-renowned company, it is highly beneficial to let your visitors know beforehand what your website and your company is offering them.

You can use this website to verify that the domain you need is still available or not:

3. Self-hosting your website

You can by domain and code it if you want your full power of control it. Anyway, you can find an ownership and manage of your travel website. You must have it co-hosted by popular and trusted hosting companies.

And WordPress is one platform for you to have all ownership of your website but still have the features with themes and smart plugins from it. You can also place ads for monetizing and also use Google Analytics to track your website’s performance.
The other way, with the website you are hosting, you can install WordPress easily and comfortably.

4. Choose the most powerful theme to build a travel website

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the success of your travel website depends largely on the theme you use for that website. Depending on the content to transfer as well as the features you want to bring to the user experience. It is always a question that you need to ask from the beginning when you are editing your website.

In short, your website should have features such as: providing company information, special travel packages, incentives, customer feedback statistics, support features when customers need it and travel blogs.

Beautiful themes for a travel booking website
This theme is a example. You can find other good themes in my blog: Beautiful themes for a travel booking website.

5. Add essential feature by installing plugins in need

As what’s said in 4. we need a replate systems of plugins to increase experience of the page customers. The plugins have an important role as themes, helping your website to best meet user needs.

Meanwhile, using the theme and plugin to suit the needs and content of the website is not easy. The work of changing and improving the plugin will be continuous throughout the website development process.

These are some of best travel agency plugins to build your travel website (2020):

  • Woo Tour: this plugin apply a user can pay through any mode of payment supported by WooCommerce. There are 3 options to set price or sale. Email notifications and cloud saved information. And it only costs $ 52.13 per year.
  • Tour master: with this one, your user can check all booking status, all transactions, they can read reviews, and also they can add a tour package to their wishlist.This plugin provides 10 different styles to present the tour list, a search bar for customers, and category list. With this plugin, you can create the coupon code, seasonal pricing, flexible pricing options, tour types etc. It costs $ 56.25 for a year of using.

Therefore, with many more effective plugins, they are just only around $ 50 for a year of using but gives you many feature that help you on launching your website.

6. Supply your customer booking and paying method

With all of the above efforts when you provide customers with a complete and easily accessible information page for booking travel, the most important last step is to diversify their affordability. .

Furthermore, to market the right price for the target customer, it is impossible not to care about maximizing your buying ability after choosing the right item.

In other words, that’s when you need to come up with quick pay methods and support the most customers to increase your success rate.

How to build a travel website

As 2019 report of most used paying method, there is a result of some method that you need to to build a travel website:

  • Paypal: The service is currently used by over 17 million businesses and that customers who use PayPal to checkout convert at 82% higher rates than with other payment options.
  • Amazon Pay: Setting up an Amazon Pay button your website with their Express As with PayPal, the cost of using Amazon Pay is 30 cents plus 2.9% for each purchase.
  • Google Pay:The company now offers their own online payment method, Google Pay. Google confirm that hundreds of their millions users already have  card information saved to their Google accounts, which means providing a Google Pay option offers added convenience for a significant number of people.

As you can see, when it comes to getting paid, you have options. Anyway, it’s less a matter of finding the right one, and more a matter of determining just how many different online payment methods you want to make available to your customers.

If adding more options to your checkout process makes buying products from you faster and more convenient, you’re likely to see an increase in sales as a result—so the question may really be, can you afford not to add more payment options?

After all 

Now, you know quite well about how to build a travel website. Subsequently, it is not difficult, but it takes you some time to learn thoroughly and in-depth if you are beginner.
The important thing is always the ability to capture the needs of customers to develop their own brand on the website as well as maximize profits.
I hope you can develop your travel website successfully and go far with the above information. Therefore, if you have any question, just leave a comment below, I’ll be there.

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Best regard!