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How to get more customers into using your booking website

How to get more customers into using your booking website

How to get more customers into using your booking website?

This is the question of any hotelier who wants to develop and exploit more from his website.
The competition is becoming more and more difficult as the application of information technology to business models becomes more and more popular. Especially with online booking, the convenience and benefits make more and more employers participate in applying it. That raises an essential requirement in finding the factors that help many people to enter your booking site.

I have written some simple to increase sale for travel booking website, for today’s article, I’ll give you 5 core elements to help get more people using your booking site. Look over and understand your strengths and weaknesses to promote and improve for effective development.

Here is a list of 5 tips you needs to take a look back on your booking website to make sure that you’re doing well to get more and more customers using your booking website:

  1. Improve your website platform
  2. Improve user display
  3. Increase connection with social networks
  4. Clearly identify your customers
  5. Increase interaction with customers

1. Improve your website platform:

At first, you have to speed up  your booking website. A slow site speed can fracture your conversions rates. Researchers have shown that up to 75% of people will leave for a competitors website to avoid dealing with delays. It is a huge loss when you should not lose any customers to the opponent when they have clicked on your website. When you’re looking to boost loading speed, wading through the technicalities can be tricky.Upgrade your website speed

Beside that, you need to keep your website as simple as possible. According to Google in a 2012 study, websites that are visually complex are considered to be less efficient and aesthetically appealing. This makes it difficult for users to use these websites, thereby moving to other websites that are easier to use.
This is an important reason why simplifying your design and navigation is needed. Not only does it make your site faster, it will help customers consume information faster and lead to greater awareness, boosting your persuasive power.

Next, as an implicit guide, placing the buttons in a specific and logical order will make users quickly make decisions about the use of scheduling on your website. Convenience, at the moment, is a factor that is highly appreciated when a customer is comparing 2 websites. So that, focusing on this is How to get more customers into using your booking website.
Last, don’t spoil visitors with too much choice. Too much choice causes friction, and friction damages booking rates. Then you need to avoid overwhelming potential customers with choices. Limit your packages and navigational options to the essentials.

2. Improve user display

Design your website

Make your website homepage sparkling. The homepage is where potential guests come to learn more about you. It will make customers decide whether to choose your service or not. Make your homepage bright with the most appropriate features. But don’t lose the professionalism of a website. Professionalism is the most important factor that creates customers’ trust.

Research shows that: 67% of consumers consider clear, detailed images. It ways to be very important and carry even more weight than the product information and customer ratings. (MDG Advertising) Travelers are 150% more engaged with listings that have more than 20 photos than with properties that have just only a few photos. (TripAdvisor, 2013) Images pack a huge emotional punch and can help turn casual visitors into guests. But that’s only if you’re using them correctly.

How to get more customers into using your booking website

Design your brand

You should ensure that your branding and design is highly relevant to your guests. In a case study by strongview.com, increasing relevance in email marketing boosted their conversion rate by 500%. And in another study by contentverve.com, tweaking CTA copy relevancy boosted conversions by 200%. The relevant your images, copy, and overall design are to the kinds of guests you get. The lower the levels of friction will be for your potential customers. That translates into more bookings for your booking website.

Design your identity

Similarly, the use of appropriate themes is a key determinant of how customers feel when experiencing your website. You need to choose the appropriate features for your website so that it closely touches the needs of users. So that, you can get more customers into using your booking website.

An element that you may not have noticed, is the use of color. In this case, with a big change of Bing, switching links to a more recognizable colour amped up revenue by a cool $80 million. In another analytic, we have one from Dmix. Switching the CTA button color from green to red boosted conversions a huge by 34%. When you can use it properly, colour would impact your conversions and bookings.
Using colours to improve bookings is not about manipulating guests like a ventriloquist pulling strings on a puppet. Using colour helps compliment your brand and subconsciously communicate the right message.

3. Increase connection with social networks to get more customers into using your booking website

Besides optimizing your website, you also need to focus on the source of your customers. Social networking is a fertile ground for selecting potential customers. It directs them to your website. Nowadays, the using of social networking is the most important answer for the question:
How to get more customers into using your booking website.

Find out how your competitors are doing on these social networks. Certainly they have been using social networking as a means of connecting closer with customers. Because in such communities, each customer will easily reach out to other customers to learn more about you. This is a great opportunity to show your business to them. Use good quality images and interactive videos as they get 25% more engagement.

The promotion campaigns on Facebook or Instagram not only make many people know you, but also help you differentiate potential customers. According to a survey in 2018, 80% of people used the internet for social media.

How to get more customers into using your booking website

Try organizing the campaign as mentioned above with social networks. Certainly the position of your website will change significantly.

4. Clearly identify your customers

Who are your guests? Why are they staying with you? Are they travelling on business or leisure? You can answer these questions by developing a solid guest persona or two. Then, when you do answer them, you’ll have powerful data that will improve and focus all your marketing and sales activities. When you can control it, you will get more customers into using your booking website.

Your booking engine is full of useful data, and it can give you a serious competitive advantage. However, it can be a little intimidating to wade through all that big data to find the useful stuff.
Research shows that over 80% of travel website users will abandon their bookings. There’s one way for hoteliers to combat that is to use retargeting to reach potential guests who’ve “slipped through the cracks”. Try retargeting and give yourself a second chance to win over guests.

Tip how to get more customers into using your booking website.

Many people focus heavily on content marketing, SEO or PPC… and rightly so. They are great tools for getting potential customers through the door. But there’s one thing that tends to get neglected, and that’s the landing page. Furthermore, slapping together the last minute landing page will undermine all your other marketing efforts. The landing page is where potential guests are converted into paying customers. And to ensure that you have a great landing page:
– Connects with your guest’s emotions and calls him to action.
– Use a prominent CTA that’s aligned with your guest’s interests.
– Use images that reinforce the points you want to make.
– Got strong headline.

5. Increase interaction with customers

Our potential customers are bombarded with tons of ads, and are wary of the claims that your hotel makes. They’ll be a lot more accepting of what other guests say about you. Therefore, this is why social proof is a must. And it shows How to get more customers into using your booking website, and where you are on the way to do it.
To implement social proof you can use:

  • Testimonials
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Badges, awards or certificates
  • Kind words from an “influencer” or popular individual

Be a customer in their view

In the other hand, don’t list your hotel’s features like: a great spa, a safe and fun play area, a spacious conference room. But let explain how these features translate into benefits for them and say: we have a health spa and gym. That means you can let your hair down and unwind after a busy day; we have a kids’ play area, so you can indulge in quality time with your significant other; we have a spacious conference room, so you can hold meetings comfortably and communicate more effectively by using our boards and projectors.

For the most part, focus in a marketing campaign is on email campaigns, ad designs, copy and images. In conclusion, they are all important, but the importance of the call to action on your landing page or in your ad can get over looked in the noise.
Your CTA represents the tipping point between a bounce and a conversion. So, If you want people to click and convert, all you need is to have a call-to-action that reels them in.How to get more customers into using your booking website

In conclusion:

With 5 notes How to get more customers into using your booking website above, hope to help you have a new view on building your website. Another important note is that it is constantly testing and developing. You can create a good website, but if you do not constantly improve it, you will quickly be surpassed by competitors.
Wish you apply this article and find more potential customers on your booking website.

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