Online Travel Booking Statistics & Trends 2020

The travel industry is one of the largest service industries in the world and an increasingly important one in the modern age. The changing and evolution of consumer behavior and developing technology creating new travel trends. Businesses operating in a trillion-dollar industry tends to identify key travel trends and take advantage of them will have a big opportunity in this dynamic environment.

Moreover, for businesses as well as their customers, technology plays a vital role. Thanks to the increasing growth of technology, more and more customers are choosing to book their travel online on a mobile phone or travel app.

Today, I will tell you Online Travel Booking Statistics & Trends 2020. Let’s find out.

Online Travel Booking Statistics & Trends 2020

1. Travel Industry & Online Travel Market Statistics


Here are some statistics about online travel bookings.

  • The travel industry is worth a massive $1.2 Trillion
  • The online 2019 travel market projection of $756 billion is expected to grow to $817 billion by 2020
  • In 2018 digital travel sales worldwide hit $694 billion and $190.4 billion was from the US
  • 15.4% growth in worldwide digital travel sales and 10.3% growth in hotel digital bookings
  • 70% of holidays cost more than £1,500, with the remaining 30% costing more than £2,500.

World travel market and online travel market statistics show the travel industry has high growth rates and with this figure, it also shows the great potential of online travel in the current period.

2. Agents & Online Travel Booking Statistics

Online Travel Booking Statistics & Trends 2020

What percentage of people book online vs travel agencies?

  • 4% growth during 2019 in worldwide digital travel sales and 10.3% growth in hotel digital bookingsOnline Travel Booking Statistics & Trends 2020
  • In 2018, the proportion of direct website bookings fell to 66.7% while marketplace bookings increased to 9.1%. Bookings made through agents, affiliates and local tourist offices also increased from 17.5% to 24.3% in the same time frame. Agent, affiliates and local tourist offices bookings increased from 17.5% to 24.3% in 2018
  • By 2022 the worldwide market volume for online hotel bookings is likely to exceed $174 million

3. Online Hotel Booking Statistics

Online hotel booking statistics in 2019 show that by 2020 a massive $174 million will be spent on the internet. And by 2023, hotel booking statistics will grow to 700 million people making an online hotel booking.

  • 57% of all hotel bookings are now made online

Online Travel Booking Statistics & Trends 2020

  • Mobile hotel booking statistics show that 53% travelers from Middle East are using mobile to book their hotel. In Asia, the number is around 45%. In Europe, 33% of travelers are using a mobile device to book a hotel or travel and in North America, this is 28%.

4. Travel Booking Behavior and Trends

What are the popular days for booking hotels and travel?

  • According to travel booking trends 2019, Monday is the busiest day for customers to book travel across the internet, while Saturday and Sunday are the quietest days for bookings.
  • The busiest time for booking is 10am while 6am is the quietest time for customers to book online. So, be sure that hotel owner should have booking website to work 24/7 to avoid miss any bookings of customers.
  • 90% of travelers expect a personalized online experience when they book their travel
  • Customers who book their experiences ahead of their travel and hotel spend 47% more on accommodation and 81% more on travel than those who wait to book locally.

5. Online Travel Website Statistics

TripAdvisor is now deemed to be the most influential travel booking website across the world. It has over 325 million users each month which it uses to influence online travel booking behavior

More than 90% of travelers saying they are influenced by online reviews its hardly surprising that TripAdvisor still leads the way for booking sites.
What are the best online travel booking sites?

  • is officially the most used travel site across the world, with over 443 million active visitors each month
  • Other websites high-rated for speed and usability are Kayak and eDreams, Trainline and Lastminute.
  • 7% of travel bookings are made directly using the hotels own website
  • 80% of all holiday packages are now booked online

6. Sustainability & Holiday Booking

Now tourists are more aware of the impact tourism can have on the environment. This has led to more than half (55%) of tourists globally now trying to make sustainable tourism options if they can.

  • These sustainable decisions include accommodation.
  • “73% of global travelers intending to stay at least once in an eco-friendly or green accommodation when looking at the year ahead. Additionally, 70% of global travelers say they would be more likely to book accommodation knowing it was eco-friendly, whether they were looking for a sustainable stay or not.
  • Travel companies should optimize their green credentials where possible as travelers likely to stay at a hotel if it was eco-friendly. Or implementing “plastic free” campaign can help hotels increase their online conversion.

Trend 2020

7. Mobile Travel Booking Statistics

Mobile travel booking statistics haven’t changed much in recent years. Today, consumers still like to spend time researching their trip using a mobile device and start using voice searches to help them find essential information.

Here are some statistics about Online travel booking by using mobile.

  • 82% of all travel bookings in 2018 were made online through a website or mobile app
  • 48% of all smartphone users are happy to research, book and plan their whole trip to a new destination using just a mobile device
  • 33% of all French travelers book using a mobile device, this drops to 15% in Germany, 21% in the US, and 25% in the UK.
  • 60% rise of mobile travel bookings is expected by 2021.
  • 26% of travel searches now occur from a mobile device
  • 69% of travelers now say they are happy to use voice search when they plan a trip
  • Online conversion rates for desktop bookings are 2.4%, but on a smartphone they are just 0.7%
  • App conversion rates are five times higher than mobile website booking.

Mobile has gradually increased its market share of overall online travel bookings, but almost 80% still prefer to book using a desktop or laptop.  It’s clear that most people research on their mobile to find information and prices, but ultimately make the final booking on their desktop.

(Source: Trekksoft, medium)


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