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Security checklist for wordpress travel booking sites

Security checklist for wordpress

In my earlier post, I have written 7 Tips That Will Improve Your Page Performance, so today, I want to mention to how to protect your website.

Are you trying to keep your website safe? Therefore, Security checklist for WordPress is what you need?
Indeed, this is really important, it is essential for your website not to be hacked and stolen information. As a result, using a security tool on your WordPress site is essential for a successful online business.

Above all, in this post, I have compiled the best WordPress security plugins to protect your website.
Therefore, I have 7 plugins below that will definitely help you.

1. iThemes Security Pro – a great idea from Security checklist for wordpress

If you are a WordPress user, you may be familiar with the group that created iTheme Security Pro, because they also built the popular BackupBuddy plugin and other great themes and plugins. Above all, all of their tools provide an easy-to-use interface to protect armed security and more.ithemes security pro wordpress sitesFeatured:

  • Two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security
  • Enforce strong passwords
  • Detect 404 and scan plugin
  • Backup scheduled WordPress
  • Block any suspicious IPs from scanning vulnerabilities on your website
  • Email alerts to notify you of any recent file updates on your site that could be malicious
  • Ability to limit login attempts
  • Although there is no firewall or malware scanning software, they use Sucuri’s Sitecheck malware scanner

2. Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof Security for WordPress websites claims to provide protection against more than 100,000 attacks. Moreover, this security plugin is loaded with many functions to provide a safe environment for effective website operations. Moreover, AITpro, the developer of the Bulletproof Security plugin, also provides video tutorials. Therefore, WordPress users can capture the functionality of the plugin by watching these videos.bulletproof-security-wordpress-pluginFeatures

  • Simplify installation with One-click setup wizard
  • Feature Log out idle session
  • Backup the database regularly to prevent any data loss
  • Real-time file monitoring function

3. Sucuri Security – best from Security checklist for wordpress

The best free WordPress security plugin is Sucuri. Indeed, all-in-one security platform is very popular for good reason. Although Sucuri is a great free WordPress security plugin for websites, the pro version is a must-have.best free wordpress security pluginFeatured:

  • They will clean up your WordPress site at no additional cost if there is malware
  • Firewalls help you block armed forces and malicious attacks from accessing your WordPress site
  • Lets you conduct a malware scan
  • Enhance effective security
  • Track everything that happens on your website, including file changes, last login attempts, and failed login attempts.
  • Can reduce server load time and improve the performance of your website by blocking malicious traffic
  • Serve static content from their own CDN server
  • Protect your site against SQL Injection, XSS and all known attacks

4. Wordfence

Wordfence is a free plugin that has some great security features that protect your WordPress site at no cost to you.wordfence securityFeatured:

  • Free to use for many websites you need
  • Monitor access and hack in real time efforts including their origin, IP address, time of day and time spent on your website
  • Track and notify you of a compromised password usage so you can create a new strong password immediately
  • Protection from brute force attacks with the restriction of failed login attempts
  • Runs on your own server instead of cloud-based, so may slow down your site

5. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is a WordPress security plugin that doesn’t look cool, but gives you some basic security features for free, so it’s worth the list.wordpress user security vulnerabilitiesFeatured:

  • An easy-to-use setup wizard
  • Scan for malware and firewalls
  • Database backup
  • Login protection
  • Notify via email with security log when user is locked from failed login attempts
  • Log out idle session

6. Google Authenticator

Getting up two-factor authentication for extra security is a really good idea to keep your website secure. Google Authenticator lets you do just that. Therefore it’s on my list since most security plugins don’t include this.google authenticatorFeatures:

  • Adds an extra layer of security to your login
  • Has a simple interface and is moderately easy-to-use
  • Lets you pick which type of two-factor authentication you want to use
  • Offers short codes so you can do things like use it on custom login pages

7. Hide My WP – the most trusted of Security checklist for wordpress

If we talk about premium security plugins, Hide My WP is a preferred option. As a result, It boasts an impressive rating of 4.5+. Then, it constantly works to reveal new and old vulnerabilities every day. So avoid hackers by deploying Hide My WP for your WordPress site.Hide-My-WP-Amazing-Security-Plugin-for-WordPressFeatured:

  • Intrusion detection and prevention system helps prevent all threats
  • You can hide or rename permalinks, theme name and plugin name, login URL, etc.
  • It works perfectly for many websites

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Final thoughts:

After all, I hope that with the Security checklist for wordpress travel booking sites mentioned above, you will consider using. Of course, it is an extremely optimized Security checklist for wordpress since all plugins have their own strengths. Therefore, those plugins will help you to maximize the protection of your website.
Above all, I hope you will use these plugins effectively and further develop.

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