The Facts About Online Travel Booking Trends

Nowadays, more and more travelers around the world are using the Internet as the main source of travel information, inspiration, and planning. In addition, they prefer online booking platforms to browse, search and book their tickets.

Online travel booking platforms provide various booking services such as accommodation, travel, customer stay review, rental vehicles, etc. This platform displayed information of travel service providers. For travel agencies and travel planners, the platform helps to maintain booking easily and systematically.

Because of the great potential of online travel booking, so travel businesses should take advantage of this trend.

Therefore, today I will show you The Facts About Online Travel Booking Trends that I’ve collected. Also, you can check out my earlier post to find out some statistics and trends in 2020 about the travel industry here Online Travel Booking Statistics & Trends 2020.

The Fact About Online Travel Booking Trends

1. How Do Travelers Search for Travel Information?

There are many different ways travelers take before booking. However, it probably no surprise that most travelers are on the Internet when looking for information about travel.

Many years ago, many tourists tended to consult the information and inspriration from friends or travel agents. But now, increasingly, travelers are turning to their screen to seek information.

Online-Travel-Booking-TrendsAccording to the research conducted by, it shows that 80 percent of travelers are searching for travel information or find the destination for their holiday from the internet. 49 percent came from family, friends or colleagues. 28 percent of tourisms find it from brochures. TV accounted for 28 percent as same as Magazines and Newspapers. The remaining ways are from travel agents and books.

With all the figures above, the Internet as the main source of inspirations for travelers to plan leisure or business trips.

2. How Do Travelers Book Their Trips?

In addition to researching and finding inspiration online, more and more tourists today are booking their online trips. Not only is a growing trend around the world, in many markets, the trend is increasingly shifting from desktop to mobile.

What percentage of travel bookings are made online?

  • 82% of all travel bookings in 2018 were made online via a mobile app or website, without human interaction.
  • 27% of users prefer to book using a mobile app (if the company has one).
  • Travel companies with an app will get 60% of their bookings via mobile devices, up 41% from last year.
  • 3 million travel bookings are completed online every year.
  • Online travel market projection of $756 billion in 2019 is expected to grow to $817 billion by 2020.
  • Most people (82%) booking travel online are doing so using a website or mobile app and prefer to make that booking on a Monday.

It can be seen that more and more people are taking advantage of the technology’s facilities in finding information and making reservations. Websites and mobile apps become the most way used when implementing online booking, surpassing desktops.

3. How Do Travelers Get To Travel Decision-Making?

As travelers search, plan, and book online, they are inspired and influenced by many different marketing channels, and interact with your website content at different points along the path towards purchase, or the “customer journey”.

How Do Travelers Get To Travel Decision-Making?

It shows that different marketing channels (e.g. email, display ads, paid search ads, social media, etc.) influence the customer at different points in the path to purchase. So, to make sure that as many of those paths as possible lead to bookings, you need to pay attention to the whole journey, not just where they end up when they book.

4. How long do customers spend researching travel online before booking?

  • 90% of people do all their vacation research online, which only 80% of people book online.
  • 51% of US travelers said that once they decide on a trip, they will spend less than a week researching.
  • Within the 12 weeks prior to a trip, search trends show that experiences are a travelers main focus.

With improvements in technology and people living at such a fast pace, it’s no surprise that more than half of the market spends just a week researching their vacations.

Experience is always what customers are most interested in, so hoteliers and accommodations need to focus on improving the guests experience.

The customer journey is not only started when the customer steps in your front door, but from when the customer searches for information and makes a booking from your website or from the app. Therefore, make sure your website works well and fast.

5. How many people read travel reviews?

In this trillion-dollar industry, TripAdvisor is currently considered one of the most influential travel booking websites. TripAdvisor claims 80% of all travelers will spend about four weeks researching a destination, taking the time to read reviews and finding perfect destination to make their trip even better before implementing booking. Given that 90% of travelers say they are influenced by online reviews, it’s clear that TripAdvisor is still leading.

Businesses spend billions on advertising each year, but the opinions of other customers are much more valuable. The review score can help guide buying decisions for most travelers.

  • 80% of all travelers spend up to 4 weeks on TripAdvisor reading other traveler reviews and researching a destination.
  • 72% of new customers won’t book until they have spent time reading other traveller reviews.
  • 15% of customers don’t trust businesses without reviews.
  • 6% of consumers don’t trust online customer reviews.

6. What does the future look like for the online travel industry?

  • 30% of hotel guests spend more when they’ve used a Chatbot vs. those who didn’t.
  • 77% of airports and 71% of airlines will be introducing R&D in biometric ID management in the next five years.
  • 73% of travellers intend to stay in an environmentally friendly accommodation in the next year.

ChatBot technology is constantly evolving and will become a part of future travel booking. Going green will become increasingly important for travel and accommodation providers because customers are increasingly aware.

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Above is the article of The Facts About Online Travel Booking Trends. I hope that this market report will have the best overview of the tourism industry in general as well as online travel booking. These general travel statistics will help you learn where your competitors are spending money, and what channels are providing the best return.

The technology is changing a lot about the tourism industry. It’s essential that you stay on top of the latest trends, technology, and tactics. That’s why hoteliers and travel agencies need to adapt quickly to keep up with technology and not be left behind. Additionally, you can consider so many tips to increase your travel booking website here, your business will definitely explore.

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