Tips to Increase Your Travel Website Bookings

When visitors land on your travel website, search for flights and accommodation, and then randomly leave without completing the booking. Why did that happen?

On average, more than 95% of traffic arriving on travel and hospitality websites leave without completing the purchase process. Because travel eCommerce is one of the hardest online businesses. Wanna have an overview of the travel industry? You should click on The Facts About Online Travel Booking Trends and Chance of survival In Online Travel Booking Statistics

About travel website, if your website is slow, the content layout isn’t appealing or you don’t have attractive calls to action, or just simply complicated check out process, then visitors will leave your site instantly. No one has patient enough to wait your website while there are thousands of competitors that can do it better than you.

Therefore, you can always improve conversion rate by optimizing your website so that more visitors turn into customers.

​In this post, I will share some of the key features and tactics used by the top online travel sites to improve conversion rates. Let’s check it out.

Tips to Increase Your Travel Website Bookings

1. Make Your ‘Site Search’ Smart and Simple


When users type a destination, auto complete in site search suggests possible matches for the user based on the text entered.

This speeds up the process for travelers and avoids mistakes that can lead to inaccurate results. Google claims that autocomplete can increase search speed by 25%. Suggesting destinations will help customers avoid errors when typing spelling difficulties.


2. Help Visitors Choose

Most of the time, the results page of a search engine is full of hotel or flight. In some cases, if customers are planning a vacation, but most visitors haven’t explored or used before. Naturally, it is difficult for them to choose one from the lot. It time for you to help your prospects choose the best deal.


Thanks to the growing of technology, now everything is accessible at a click of a button. Travel websites also need to understand that their visitors also want immediate results for their queries. Your travel website should offer customers vacation packages.

This services probably include convenient times for customers, suitable budgets, attractive tourist destination images, and all the facilities and services included in the package. It not only save a lot of time and energy of your visitors, but encourage them to trust you and form a long lasting bond with your brand.

Also, an appealing content about the destination will increase your travel website bookings.


Price is one of the key criteria on which most visitors make their choice. Your travel website should display your prices prominently.


Also, when you’re offering a discount on a service, if you are mentioning in terms of percentage, it can prove useless to some visitors. Besides, it’s always a better option to display the new or discounted price of the service below or after the original price, and the savings which they would make if they choose it.

This is always the most effective way when implementing the discount policy. Not just real numbers will have a stronger impact on customers.

There is a rule about this, if your products or services are expensive, displaying it in numbers will make a strong impression, if the price is cheap, displaying it as a percentage will be more beneficial.

For example, if the price of the room is $200, you want to discount 20%, then display $160 under $200 will impress customers. However, if the price of the room is %50, you also want to discount 20%, then the price will be $40. But the disparity between $40 and $50 is not different, so a 20% drop display is more appealing.

Reviews and Ratings

Why showing reviews and ratings on your website can act as cherry on top of the cake? Because most people usually check out the ratings and reviews before actually booking. More than 95% of travelers read reviews before booking.

Also, they tend to trust recommendation from other customers than they trust advertising. Why? Because the experiences of other guests are also things that customers want to experience. If the reviews are bad, no one wants to try.

You have to get your visitors’ attention really fast and make them act right away in order to score transactions. One of the ways to do so is by using persuasive principles – creating a sense of urgency and scarcity in the minds of individuals, making them feel like they can’t miss the hotel or the experience of this trip.

  • Urgency:

The urgency is that you offer a promotion that causes the customer to act quickly to receive the offer. Many travel booking website have been effectively using this strategy to increase their conversions. You should learn from them and apply to your travel site to reap maximum benefits.

Offering some special deal or discount in a limited of time will promote customers act because they only have a little short time to make a decision before the deal ends.

  • Scarcity:

There are endless ways to generate urgency and scarcity to your travel booking website. Such as, you can create content like “Only 3 rooms left at a discounted price”, “Book now to get free upgrade” or “Book to get a free buffet for your family in the next 30 minutes”.

However, that deals should be reasonable and make sure you have the ability to operate them. If not, this will just tarnish your reputation.

Booking form optimization

Form optimization is one of the most important in your conversion. When visitors have done all the research and chosen a flight, hotel, or a holiday package, you don’t want them to abandon the booking.

You can refer to some of the following ways:

  • Use intelligent forms
  • Put as few form-fields as possible
  • Test different form layouts
  • Use multi-step forms

Using the progress bar


Dividing the progress to the steps might help implement the booking process easily. Customers will know what lies ahead after they completely that step.

3. Responsive Mobile

Your users are spending more on the go instead of waiting for their computers to buy. Criteo’s summer travel report showed that hotels only received over 70% of last-minute bookings via mobile devices.

Investing in a responsive design for a mobile application, ensuring that it has the same functionality and features of your website could be a smart move

4. Booking Abandonment Emails

An abandonment email is sent when the user starts booking online but gives up before finishing. These emails remind users of the flight or vacation they arrange and return to the booking process.

This can help users during their research by saving their reservation details and allowing websites to restore abandoned bookings. 30% of the top 50 travel sites send emails after users abandon a booking.



These are some Tips to Increase Your Travel Website Bookings. I hope that you can use all of these tips to improve conversion rates.

Leave comments in the section if you have any questions about my post or my WordPress Travel Booking site. I am willing to answers all of your questions.

Thank you and Best regards.