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Top 10 free travel website templates

Top 10 free travel website templates

So let’s talk about why the travel website templates.

When you start the travel service business, a good website is indispensable. Indeed, all activities are now digitized. Your experience cannot be out of this campaign. What you need to do is create a website to help users find information and options, as well as set an online calendar on your own digital platform.

In order to increase sales as well as get closer to customers, it is indispensable to have a suitable and beautiful interface. That’s what I introduce to you today.

And on top of that, these 10 travel website templates are also free.

1. Trips

Trips is a maximum free template for everything related to travel and travel. It’s a flexible and scalable solution that works for all kinds of intentions, even when using it out of the box. The clean and minimal design ensures it caters to different tastes without any hitches. And it will! Of course, you can also style and refine Trips to your liking, making it follow your brand direction.Trips Free Template Top 10 free travel website templates

Large banners, video support, when loading scrolling content, homepage and internal layouts, testimonials, you name it, tons of predefined sports trips for your convenience. A blog section and a contact page with a form function are also included in the set for you to make a profit. Instead of doing work from scratch, use Trips as a solid starting point to realize a dope travel website.

2. Divi, my first travel website templates choice

Any business in the travel and tourism industry can create a successful site with Divi. It is a multifunctional product with loads of options for you to take advantage of it. You will hardly need to do any work, especially if you like the predefined demo material out of the box. Of course, with the Divi creator, you can modify and tweak the look and feel to your liking. In fact, you can even edit your site’s smartphone, tablet, and desktop versions. In short, Divi is no joke.divi travel website template Top 10 free travel website templates

Start spreading with a convenient travel website that will take your business to the next level. To be lucky, you need to have no experts to quench your dream page. With Divi’s user-friendliness, users can fully make the site take care of the online presence of their travel projects.

3. Travelerstravelers free template

Travelers as the name suggests a free travel website template with killer design will start developing your website in a breeze. As far as looks go, that’s not what you have to worry about anymore. Setting it to use and turning Travelers into an active website will give your travel company an advantage. Not necessary, but you can easily fine-tune the layout and make it meet your expectations with T. On the other hand, use it as it is and have a quick and fast page while still achieving. The same level of professionalism.

Like an appropriate modern template, Traveler kicks all the recent trends and practices all the latest web regulations. It is responsive and ready for the retina, as well as compatible with all modern web browsers.

4. Beyondbeyond free template

If minimalism and cleanliness are the two characteristics you are always looking for in a website, you will fall in love with Beyond immediately. This free travel website template has a great web design that will intrigue people and encourage them to take action on the first visit. Push your latest destinations, special offers and other popular places you offer your customers to travel. Help them choose the right destination with compelling images, comprehensive descriptions and even a video presentation. Beyond supports all types of custom content you want to bring to the table to its full potential.

Without a doubt, with Beyond, you can go beyond belief and achieve the kind of results they once had trouble understanding. You have the solution right in front of you, download it now and start making big moves.

5. Major

In this package of the best free travel website templates, you’ll find the same for travel agencies, hotels, blogs, and other travel-related businesses. Major is an ideal tool for hotels and resorts but also adjusts for other accommodation businesses without hassle. Use it however you find it best suits your rules and go from there. When you’re done editing and adjusting the web design, you’re ready to impress your existing and new customers with a good refreshment.major free template

Some of Major’s features are parallax effect, date picker, advanced search function, sticky navigation bar, contact form and Google Maps. If you have a lot going on at your hotel on a regular basis, the Major Major blog section will suit you best. Notify upcoming events, share special offers and other useful information that will benefit end users.

6. Adventure 2, the better travel website templatesadventure2 free template Top 10 free travel website templates

Give people to discover new remarkable places without breaking a sweat. Let them enjoy what you have to offer by going to your site, where you have all the great images and featured stories that will take their breath away. Adventure 2 is a free travel website template for agencies. It creates a wonderful atmosphere that makes everyone want to make a trip that they are about to die for a long time. Thanks to your new website and the services you provide, action is inevitable.

As far as the technical aspect of Adventure 2 is, this tool ensures mobile readiness, cross browser compatibility, retina friendly and great performance. Other features are animated stats, parallax effects, testimonials and newsletter signup forms. You should not waste more time and start building your travel company’s website for good.

7. Voyagevoyage free template Top 10 free travel website templates

There are many free travel website templates we have in store for you and Voyage is a good tool you will love. First and foremost, Voyage is fully responsive and mobile and ready for the retina. That is, your site will adapt to all sorts of devices right away so all your users will get the most out of your site. Whether it’s a smartphone or laptop, not to mention, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer, Voyage is flexible enough to work with all gadgets and web browsers.

Some of the killer tool’s features are a large, full-width slider, advanced search features, scrollable content download and newsletter signup forms. You can also add a promotional video and start tourism blogging and use it as a marketing content. In fact, you can use the blog section as a standalone site easily.

8. Travellotravello free template

Travello is a free travel website template based on Bootstrap that provides everything needed to create a fully functional page. From a splendid homepage to some internal sections with great features and assets, Travello makes sure you are equipped with all the documents you need to complete your travel agency’s website in style. way. For the most part, you’ll just want to edit the layout with your content and enrich them with your image. But you can also go beyond that.

If you want to improve and customize Travello, you can do it for free. Change it the way it follows your brand to T and emphasize your great destinations and the other great services you offer. Travello has a sticky and transparent navigation, unique parallax effect and footer and draws attention to newsletter signups. You can clearly stand out from the crowd with a remarkable website founded on Travello.

9. TravelistaTravel Free Template

For travel agencies, you can’t get yourself a better free travel website template than Travelista. However, you already know that we always prepare a special toolkit for your biggest projects, helping you create the desired page as quickly as possible. What’s more, all these free tools come with lots of gifts and don’t really give the impression that they’re really inexpensive. And Travelista is no different when it comes to professional web design and great features.

Travelista welcomes every visitor with full screen banners, text, call-to-action buttons and search forms that you can use for flights, hotels, holidays and more. Of course, all of these elements are completely editable so you can use them however you find them best suited to your brand. Travelista has a clean and stylish design, adapts to all modern devices and browsers, and is optimized for fast speed to ensure your site runs butter smoothly all the time.

10. Destino, my last travel website templates

All travel destinations come true with the free Destino travel website template. Destino’s clean, modern web design inspires people to visit your site. It’s no problem convincing guests to book a trip through your travel agency due to the great deals you have. On top of that, their experience of finding a trip would be perfect no matter what device they used. Meaning, Destino is fully ready for mobile and retina screens, as well as compatible with modern web browsers.Destino free template

Great search options, great website navigation and mesmerizing parallax effects that enhance the user experience. Destino also supports promotional videos and allows you to collect user emails by signing up for a handy newsletter. Besides, Destino also has an active contact form and comes with integrated Google Maps. You just need to turn it into a functional website and let Destino do magic with its great appearance.

In addition:

We can also see how a template runs by watching this video with Bootstrap, another free template I can show you for more: (video by: Mobirise)

After all these free travel website templates:

With each of the beautiful travel website templates in the 10 free choices above, I got a promise. The features will help your website become more wonderful.

All you need to do is optimize your website with optimal utilities and use an appropriate travel template to help your booking website go far in the future. Good luck!

I’m so please to know how do you think about these travel website templates, let’s tell me. And get more about how to build a travel website by a click here How To Build A Travel Website

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