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Travel Themed Home Decor Ideas For 2020

Need an area to display your favorite photos, postcards, or other travel souvenirs? This list of Travel Themed Home Decor includes easy to form it to indicate off mementos from your favorite travel destinations. 

Once you return from vacation, don’t throw you’re your maps! Many of those projects incorporate paper maps into unique, personalized art.

If you sink in with a lot of coins and bills from your travel destination, don’t allow them to collect dust in an exceedingly drawer. Instead, make them into interesting art that nobody else will have.

Travelling is cheaper and more accessible than ever before. Whether it’s the traditional sights of Rome, beautiful beaches of Indonesia, temple ruins of Thailand or snowy slopes of Canada you’re dreaming of, everyone encompasses a place they’d well be.

Celebrate your inner wanderlust with these travel-themed accessories. Remind yourself of that battered suitcase you accustomed have, with vintage shelves above your chest of drawers.

Scratch off the places you’ve been and would love to travel, with a globe or flat-on-the-wall map. Drink yourself round the globe again as you recall your stories out of an atlas drinking cabinet. the globe is your oyster.

Bring a general feeling of wanderlust to any room in your home with our numerous world map décor pieces. Most of those projects are super simple to form, so you don’t should worry if you’re not a crafty person.

Read on to be told more about all amazing travel inspired home decor ideas!

Polaroid Photos From Your Travels

Polaroids are back in style! the simplest part? Now you don’t have sacrifice quality images for this retro look.

By purchasing polaroid photo paper to use with this instant printer, you’ll have vibrant, unique photos to display however you want in your home (hanging photo organizers, hooks, and LED string lights are all great options). The printer is straightforward to use and you’ll easily print from your smartphone!

We’re within the process of building several displays of polaroid photos from our travels, separating each room by continent!

World Cities Time Zone Clock

While you’ll always purchase a completely inclusive timezone clock, I also love the concept of a more personalized (and cheaper) set of individual clocks labeled with city names from round the world. Print and frame labels from London to Tokyo to NYC, or custom order vinyl decals that go directly on the wall.

Globe Collection

Globes are a classic representation of travel, and maybe the easiest way to decorate your space to show your love of adventure. Model globes are perfect as nightstand or desk toppers, or upgrade to this dual-purpose globe bar — functionality AND design!

Postcard Display

Photo-hanging kits like these can showcase those postcards you’ve picked up in various cities round the world. Postcards are one 0f the best keepsakes to bring back from your trips since they’re lightweight and slot in your carry-on, so stop cramming your your luggage stuffed with fragile souvenirs and begin a postcard collection you’ll be able to placed on display instead.

Travel-Themed Artwork

Photos and artwork don’t all must be contained in frames! Travel photography — from beaches to mountains to abandon landscapes — can instantly set the tone for a room’s theme. Wall art, throw pillows, shower curtains, and even duvet covers of our travel photos are available on our photography page.

Vintage Suitcase Shelves

If you wish the thought of suitcases as furnishings but don’t have the ground space, these vintage suitcase shelves are the proper addition to a rustic-chic decor. We love these because they create room for added souvenirs we’ve picked informed our travels and that they are extremely unique.

We bought all 3 within the set — small, medium, and huge — and that i can’t wait to place them up after we’re finished painting our walls!

Intage Suitcase Trunks

The solution to your storage problem: vintage suitcases. Not only do they add a little charm to any room, but those extra blankets or bulky winter sweaters that take up too much closet space can now be cleverly hidden!


Hopefully, both of our longer and shorter reviews have helped you hone in on Travel Themed Home Decor. The correct Travel Themed Home Decor can streamline this process — we’ve listed above offer everything from full-featured support to cost-effective customization and simple integration with third-party services.

If you have got any questions about the most effective Travel Themed Home Decor, share your thoughts within the comments below!

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