WordPress handles lots of affairs for travel sites with it’s the sheer volume of ready-made designs. You can choose these designs to make your project an eye-candy along with usage plugins. These plugins also help to raise the function of your site. Meanwhile, the sheer volume of plugins and themes is actually intimidating and generates more hassle than it saves.

If you are seeking to add functions to your tour or travel website, just read continuously! The reason is that nowadays, travel is a serious business. The top available plugin for the moguls of tourism and travel industries I want to discuss is WP Travel.

WP Travel is powerful, scalable, and probably, the easiest plugin available in WordPress to manage booking and packages. So, businesses relying on reservations and bookings can count on WP Travel to help them satisfy their online business target. The reason is that it supplies an outstanding set of features. Surely, this plugin is worthy of being added to your site.  

Similarly, adding many plugins can slow down the load time of your website ultimately. Therefore, selecting the right plugins can play a great role in the success of your website. Additionally, it is easy to feel like a child in a candy shop with the plugin quantity though the search might seem to be not significant. Hence, I feel the importance of designing and suggesting WP Travel plugin as the best option for a tour operator, travel agency, or destination management business, desiring to raise revenues and manage packages more successfully.

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Here are several features this plugin supplies:

A painless booking system

Planning a holiday should actually help vacationers take it easy and rewind just thinking of the journey. Additionally, it should be fun.

The best ways of planning travel:

However, the complexity of bookings and planning sometimes take the excitement and joy of planning away. In fact, it is pretty contradictory with WP Travel plugin. It consists of a super easy subtle simple and easy booking system to provide your clients with a pleasant booking experience as well as get you more bookings and painlessly track them.

Online travel agency status – travel booking accounts for 41%. So, making it easier is very important!

Limitless package creation

There should not be a limit to the service quantity you provide to your clients dreaming of their holidays with you. This plugin allows you to generate an unlimited number of tour packages; as many as your server can solve. Each minute detail that destination requires to be talked about, for instance, itinerary builder, journey description, sales price, price, gallery, duration, map, packages excluded or included and a lot of other things can be entered super easily.

Integrated payment system

With WP Travel, you can manage and accept the whole payments securely. The payable deposits feature provided enables you to accept payments via some payment options.

Moreover, by using this plugin, visitors can both have access to different payment choices consisting of Paypal as well as four additional payment gateways and choose the tours they want through a booking channel easy to utilize.

Multiple pricing and Multiple dates

Low rates can support impressing guests at low need levels and as the need increases, so can the prices and the biggest reward of an agency is looking for the ideal public pricing promoting the bottom line of their organization and impressing guests. WP Travel plugin owns a feature enabling you to add many dates and many pricing for a single trip to help with this. Besides, it permits you with the options to pretty flexibly and easily and adjusts the pricing of your packages based on the needs. To earn more money and maximize revenues each day, the prices can be immediately altered via the availability of travel packages or rooms and regular checks on demands.

Full data reporting

This plugin stands to reason that an agency offering complete holiday solutions needs a website with extensive function. Plus, it has an in-built booking statistic helping you to create the report from various types, date range, and positions as data are a significant and the most sensitive section of a company. You can explore which type of tours are the most favorite ones and offer them appropriately in this way.


Developing a company can feel like a marathon a little bit. It takes months to bring a business up to speed and it is important that businesses provide coupon codes and deals as a way to improve company fast in some circumstances. So, WP Travel permits the admin to create a coupon code with an expiry date that can be used for special deals in New Year, Black Friday, Christmas, or every time you feel like it, too. Those coupons can be published on the site or somewhere in the form of advertisement users can use to request the promised discount on the trip they make.


Tour filters

By utilizing or filtering the easy search form, this plugin provides a creative and fun way to look for filter requested itineraries for its users. So, it is designed for booking businesses and travel agencies seeking for an intuitive and outstanding search function. In other words, it is concentrated on offering search queries to the user. This helps them seek their perfect destination fast. It is a thoughtful approach that a lot of other plugins do not usually offer as it stands to reason that an agency supplying complete holiday solutions needs a website with extensive function.  

In general, WP Travel supplies you with the tools you need to run a responsive tour operator, travel agency, or destination management company and design with minimal effort. Furthermore, it ensures a streamlined customer experience. And in circumstance you are wondering what theme is the best compatible with this plugin, you can access Cmsmart and refer to WordPress themes. Just fill in the Comment part below if you have any questions!

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