Travelers often desire to feel safe by pre-booking the online travel packages before they leave home. Therefore, you will have to need a tour operator site if you are running hotels, a travel business or tourism packages. Moreover, your clients will know how much you need to deposit for the trip and how much the total expense is. 

Besides, your site will supply actual information about the expense, itinerary, travel medium, accommodation, etc. As a result, they can refer to the visit. To help you run your company even better, I highly recommend the growth of the best sites with genuine information. In this post, I will introduce the free and best WordPress travel plugin for you. Please continue to read if you are going to grow the best tour operator websites in WordPress! And the plugin I want to suggest is WP Travel.

WP Travel can satisfy your demand. It is crafted carefully, developed meticulously, and designed elegantly. You can attach this free plugin to grow the best website in WordPress for tourism-related items or travel.

The ways to install this plugin from WordPress backend:

I will supply you the whole genuine reasons why WP Travel plugin is utilized instead of a lot of other popular ones. Just read the total of this article and you will have the answer!

What is WP Travel plugin?

You can use this plugin easily. Plus, it is clean, scalable, elegant and owns various features. I can say that it is the optimal solution for the travel-related websites. WP Travel is an easy plugin to manage bookings and packages. You maybe want to discover 8 Helpful WordPress Travel Booking Plugins to help your improve your website.


It is free completely. Furthermore, it is the best plugin available in the WordPress repository for the tourism and travel industries. Nevertheless, you have to pay for the additional add-ons. Additionally, this is the best plugin for a traveling business, travel agency, tourism-related company, and even appropriate to travel-related blogs. You can utilize it to write about the tour packages in your blog website. Hence, visiors following your blog articles can receive lots of information about the journey, too. This is wonderful, right? 

WP Travel features

Every feature is crafted virtuously and tested well. WP Travel is super strong and wonderful with high end scrupulously developed features. The following list is about great features:

Filter tour packages

With the support of the tour packages filter choice, users can receive the required results by using the search form or recognize their essential Itineraries by filtering.

Unlimited numbers of tour packages

There is not any limits. So, you can generate unlimited quantity of tour packages. You can add an itinerary builder, description, sales price, price, gallery, duration, map, package excluded and included, etc. Therefore, you should add more packages and gain more customers. While adding packages, every detail can also be added.


Integrated payment system

WP Travel owns 5 various payment system integrated. The standard payment system is Paypal. The additional system are Stripe Checkout, Express Checkout, Razorpay Checkout and Instamojo Checkout. You need to buy the additional payment system add-ons.

Data reporting

Based on the data, you can change a plan, make a strategy or make the plan. Hence, data is very significant. The best section of it is the built-in report creating features. Date helps you create the report from diverse types, data range and positions.

Documentation and support

This plugin has its own dedicated support and detailed documentation. So, don’t be worried if you have not known how to use it! The team of happiness engineers in WP Travel will provide genuine support on time. Just follow support forum or ask your questions there. In the usage process, you will never face any affairs or troubles.

Rating and reviews

Your visitors or clients can be easy to access your packages. You can hide the ratings easily if you do not like to permit it. WP Travel plugin has not only the featured listed above but also several more added ones. Here they are:

  • Tax options
  • Multiple pricing and multiple dates
  • Trip facts
  • Customer dashboard
  • Map
  • Customizable tabs
  • Coupon


Customization flexibility of developers

You are a developer and want to customize this plugin according to your demand? It is super flexible for the customization. Based on your need, you can customize easily since each part are well managed with filters and hooks. Moreover, there are bulk of options to add features.

The support team is always ready to provide the easiest and best solution for you. Therefore, for developers, you can contact this team for development level support. This is a super helpful plugin for developers as well. Hence, I highly recommend to you the WP Travel.

Several more added features

The following list of features are also available on WP Travel:

  • Trip Search / Filter Widget
  • Trip Search / Filter Shortcode
  • Per person & group pricing
  • Custom widget for sale
  • Inquiry form added
  • Itineraries filters
  • Payment field added gloablly
  • Frontend tab level and sorting
  • Well documented
  • Translation ready
  • Available compatible theme
  • Dedicated support


I believe that now you understand the value of supplying better user experience for raising turnover of your travelling and tour packages. And WP Travel is fully responsive and designed for that mission. Besides plugins, you can apply WordPress themes from Cmsmart. They may be helpful to your WordPress travel site.  

Conclusively, I am looking forward your genuine suggestions and feedback. So, don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any suggestions, feedbacks or comments about this article or WP Travel plugin!

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Don’t forget that traveling is a wonderful form of discovering and learning! Have a nice trip!

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